Collision and Comprehensive Auto Insurance in Branford CT


Collision coverage pays for vehicle damages in the event of a collision with a vehicle or an inanimate object. Collision coverage almost always comes with a deductible. Below is a more detailed explanation of this type of insurance coverage.

Do I Need Collision Insurance?

Collision coverage isn’t required by law, but it is by most lenders. If you own a rare or valuable car, you may want to buy this kind of coverage. However, an older car doesn’t necessarily need it. Below are some factors to consider in dropping your collision coverage.

How much do you drive the car? As a vehicle gets older, most people tend to drive it less, decreasing the chances of an accident. Where there is less risk, less coverage is required.

How old is the vehicle? An older vehicle is typically less valuable. If the value has declined to the point where repair costs exceed its worth, you may be able to safely drop your collision coverage.

Do you have a loan or lien? There are also compelling reasons to keep your coverage. If you owe more than your car is worth, you’re likely required to have collision coverage (and perhaps gap coverage as well).

Comprehensive Coverage vs. Collision

These two coverage types are similar, and it’s important to understand those similarities as well as the differences. Collision auto insurance in Branford CT protects you from damages where you are at fault. It also pays expenses such as towing, salvage, and storage, but it doesn’t pay for mechanical failures.

Comprehensive coverage covers damage from flood, fire, hail, vandalism and theft. After a theft, payment is delayed by 30 days, while attempts are made to locate the vehicle. Comprehensive coverage usually doesn’t pay for incidences of vandalism by employees or family, theft of belongings from the vehicle, or damage to tires.

How Does Comprehensive Insurance Work?

It doesn’t pay for your total loss; you normally have to pay a deductible as stated on your policy. Because cars become less valuable with age, your settlement amount in the event of a total loss also decreases. In some instances, it’s simply not worthwhile to retain the coverage, but in others it is required.

For many drivers, the peace of mind provided by collision insurance justifies the cost, but others may be more willing to bear the cost themselves, or not be able to afford the extra expense