Choosing kitchen countertops

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The use of hygienic, durable and aesthetically pleasing is vital to choosing kitchen countertops that will be both functional and attractive. But how do you go about choosing what kind of kitchen countertop to use, and how many different types are there?

One of the most common materials used in kitchen countertops today is granite, which is a natural stone that comes with a one of a kind print and colors. Granite is fairly heat resistant, which is one of the main reasons it is as popular as it is as a material for kitchen and bathroom countertops.

The advantages of granite are that is very durable, impact resistant, and simple to clean and maintain while coming with a superb cost-benefit ratio. On the downside granite is not necessarily resistant to food or other products that are acidic in nature.

An option that is particularly sophisticated for kitchen countertops is marble because of its elegant and rather imposing appearance. Manufactured from natural limestone, every streak of the composition of a marble kitchen countertop can truly be said to be one of a kind.

The advantages of marble are that it is resistant to heat and has a high aesthetic value, as well as being an easy to clean homogenous material. On the downside marble is very expensive and needs antibacterial sealing and resin because of its very porous nature. It also has a very low resistance to impact.

Other popular options include artificial stone, porcelain tile, stainless steel, concrete and quartz. Kitchen countertops Minneapolis options are plentiful from a variety of retailers.