Choosing A Roofing Contractor


There are times when you will need to call on the services of a roofing contractor to either fix your roof or install your roof. There are many qualities you need to look for. If you are looking for Industrial roofing services in Harlow or somewhere else, the same rules apply. You need to make sure they provide good quality workmanship, that their shingle quality is good, that their shingle installation standards are good, that they have a good reputation, and that they will work unsupervised. You will also want to know that they can maintain your roof after they have finished working on it.

Searching for a roof contractor

The first step will always begin with the search. Good roof contractors are not easy to find. Even if you’re looking for industrial roofing services in Harlow, most people don’t know where to start their search. The best thing you can do is contact your local Chamber of Commerce for a roof contractor with a good reputation. They should be able to put you in touch with one. Find one that knows how to deal with problem spots on roofs, roof flashing details and alternative roof shingles.

Talk to your roof contractor

Next you need to call a list of possible contractors and get to know them individually. Make sure you tell each one that you are shopping around so want to know what they can offer that other people can’t. Tell them exactly what you need to get done on your roof. However, limit your search to about three contractor rather than 10 or you could be wasting your time.

Once you find the contractor that you want to go with, set up a meeting with them and ask to see all their qualifications. Take a tour around their office and discuss other previous work they have done. Good contractors will be proud of their craftsmanship and be enthusiastic talking about it.

Next invite them to your home. Show them your roof inside and out and tell them what problem you are having. Alternatively, if you are getting a new roof fitted, show them designs of the roof you had in mind. Remember though, if you are getting a new roof, your contractor’s opinion will be invaluable so listen for any feedback.

Negotiate a roofing contract

The final step, once you’ve discussed the work that is required, is to negotiate a contract. You must have a written contract you both agree on so that it is legally binding. It will prevent any surprises and everyone will know what to expect from the project from the beginning. A good roofer should already have a standard contract ready to be signed, except for the cost and time which you will negotiate.

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