Choosing a Place for Storage: East Haven Storage Facilities

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Renting a storage unit is a popular and convenient way to keep your belongings safe. Whether you need to store a few small boxes or many pieces of large furniture, a storage unit – or two – can ensure that your items maintain their prime condition. Before you rent a storage unit, there are a few essential tips you should consider.


The amount of space you need will ultimately depend on what you plan to store in the unit. Storage units can be found in a wide variety of sizes to meet every customer’s individual needs for storage. Storage Facilities in East Haven recommend putting items around the walls first to leave room in the center for you to walk and check on your items. It may also be helpful to bring shelving to keep your items organized.


Do you plan to store your items temporarily or are you going to use the unit as a permanent storage space? If you plan to keep the storage unit for the long haul, ensure that everything you store is worth the cost of monthly storage rent. Ditch any items that you no longer need and only keep the essentials. If you plan to keep your storage unit for more than a few months, you can also ask for a discount from the facility you are using for storage. East Haven storage businesses may offer great discounts for customers who use their units for six months or more.


Depending on the storage facility you are using, you’re sure to find some great options to make storing your items a little easier. For example, some storage facilities offer a drive-up option where you can pull your vehicle right in front of the unit. Many storage units also offer the equipment needed to make unloading boxes and furniture easier, such as trolleys and freight elevators. Consider these desirable options when selecting a storage facility.


Security is a major consideration, as you want your belongings and valuables to stay safe while in storage. Learn about the various security features that each facility offers to find one that works best for your individual needs. Some storage facilities also offer insurance for your goods. It may also be a good idea to check with your renters or homeowners insurance to see if your goods are covered outside of your home. This will provide you with some peace of mind as your items stay safe in storage.

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