Child Custody Attorneys Knoxville Help You Make Your Custody Arrangements More Equitable


Child custody is a difficult issue to resolve, even when both parents who live in Knoxville are getting along to a degree. The welfare of the child has to be considered as well the childs feelings. Then it has to be determined who has the better living situation for the child, which may not be cut and dried. Retaining Child Custody Attorneys Knoxville helps hash out all of these issues and more while creating legally binding agreements that can be enforced in court if need be.

Emotions are most likely going to run high during a child custody situation, and they are not going to do you any good. Child custody attorneys Knoxville advise their clients to keep their calm even though there may be a lot of mud slinging going on that just isn’t true. Keeping a lid on the temper winds up benefitting you in the long run. You need to be the adult in the situation for you and your child as well as your chances to get the custody you are seeking. It’s all for good reason.

Take the scenario where the custodial parent isn’t keeping up with their end of the bargain. The house looks like a war zone, questionable people are invited to hang out all the time, there may be drug use going on, or the custodial parent is neglecting and/or abusing the child. This sounds extreme, but it does go on, and the custodial parent does what they can to keep the child in order to protect income from child support and maybe state benefits as well. It’s unfortunate that these situations happen, but they do.

On your end, you desperately want the child because you want to take her out of the toxic situation and raise her. This is where an attorney comes into play. She helps you document the situation the child is living in, uses legal means to determine that the custodial parent is unfit and goes to court with the evidence. All of this is to prove to the court that the child is in an unsafe living environment, and you are a superior option.

There is a lot more to child custody than this type of situation. Seek out an experienced child custody attorney for assistance with your case.