The Challenges of Finding a Daniel 8 Commentary

Religion logo For people who aren’t up-to-date with the end time prophecy as provided by the Scriptures, end time prophecy isn’t only spoken about in Revelations. In fact, there is a healthy portion of the beginning of Revelations that isn’t about end times at all but is actually the Apostle John’s letters to the church regions of the area during the time of his writing rather than the future. However, the Old Testament book of Daniel also has very significant importance in end time events . One of those chapters within the book of Daniel that is interesting is Daniel chapter 8.

Prophecy that is spoken of in the Bible can be rather interesting because of the wording that is used by the prophets writing the books. For example, when you read a Daniel 8 commentary, you will hear the commentator trying to break down what the prophets or the apostle said about the end times in a manner in which the reader can understand. You see, the challenge to the commentator is because there was simply no verbiage to describe what the prophets or the apostles were seeing in their visions of the end times the current writing is open to a number of different interpretations.

If the prophet Daniel or the Apostle John had seen an automobile, they wouldn’t have any sort of verbiage to properly explain it. They would try to explain it the best way they knew how and this can be a little difficult. In addition, when speaking about nations or powerful empires of the future, they would use allegories to different empires of the time and unless you know your history, it can be very difficult to understand the point that they’re trying to make when using comparisons or when describing things that they’ve never seen before. That’s why a comprehensive Daniel 8 commentary is so important.

However, the last word on a Daniel 8 commentary is to understand that there are many different perspectives on end time prophecy. You could literally write a book and perhaps some people have written a book about how many different views and opinions there are on what events lie in the future as it relates to scriptural references. For that reason, some commentaries will have a particular slant on an end time belief while others will have a completely different idea.

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