Causes of Residential Water Damage Repair in Atlanta

Construction and Maintenance

The number one cause of residential water damage comes from broken pipes and hoses. This would include a water main that has burst, aging pipes, failure of supply hoses to washing machines, and failing ice maker hoses. It is important to take care of these problems as quickly as possible to prevent mold growth which could be toxic. You should immediately call Water Damage Repair Companies Water Damage Repair Atlanta professionals to come out and assess the extent of the damage. These experts will develop a plan to get everything dried out and replace the pipes and tubes that failed.

An overflowing bathtub is another reason for home water damage. Most adults would never let this happen, so the primary culprit is your children! That’s right. For some reason kids find water enchanting as it flows over the edge of the bath tub or even over the toilet rim. The fascination children have with water put them at risk of drowning in a backyard pool. This is especially true of autistic kids who can’t seem to keep away from water. Constant supervision is the key to avoid flooding or worse.

Sewer back ups also cause toilet overflow which requires water damage repair Atlanta. More often than not this is due to tree roots invading the drain lines due to the moisture and fertilizer found in waste water. The spring and summer are the times when most tree roots cause the drain clogs. There is nothing worse than backed up sewage on a hot summer day! This is when you really need a reliable cleaning service with experience removing sewage from floors, carpets, and upholstery. The cleaning experts will take care of decontamination as well as unpleasant odor elimination.

Home water intrusion may be caused by basement humidity that lasts for an extended amount of time. You may install a dehumidifier which is a temporary fix for small amounts of water. For severe wetness problems, you need to get an assessment from a home inspector before hiring a company to do the damage repairs.

Every homeowner should know that mold can be toxic. If you see mold spots on a surface or simply notice the musty odor associated with mold, you should take steps for mold remediation. This will protect your family from the toxic effects of the mold spores.