Business Bankruptcy: Which Type Fits Your Business Best?

Bankruptcy Law

Essentially a business is ready to file bankruptcy when they are no longer able to pay their bills. This generally means that the cash flow is not capable of covering outstanding bills, and will not improve in time to begin to pay down the debt. Creditors can become vicious and start placing liens on property which makes it even harder, if not impossible, to sell that property to try and pay off any debts. It can be frustrating and aggravating when there is no hope of any cash flow occurring. For business owners in Northeastern Illinois, it is time to file for business bankruptcy in Chicago.

Do Not Wait and Risk Having Involuntary Bankruptcy Imposed on Your Business

If a business allows their debt to increase too much, creditors can execute an involuntary bankruptcy. They can also impose liens on business assets that have to be paid off in order to free them. In worst case scenarios, creditors can even push business owners to personally guarantee business debts for businesses that are incorporated. Save yourself the hassle of dealing with these disastrous situations and speak with a professional bankruptcy attorney before it is too late.

The Impact of Bankruptcy on a Business

While bankruptcy for a business is not as negative as it is for individuals, it should be a last resort. If you have drained all of your resources, tried to speak with creditors about arranging payment plans and failed, then it is time to speak with a bankruptcy attorney. Since bankruptcy has less of a derogatory impact on businesses, there is a great possibility that you can emerge from a bankruptcy with a leaner and stronger business. This is not to say that bankruptcy is easy to file or go through, however. It is still a lengthy process that can be emotionally draining. You will need the help of expert attorneys in the field so the right choices are made that expedite a positive outcome.

Get a Fresh Start

Filing for Chapter 7, Chapter 11, or Chapter 13 bankruptcies are options for businesses. In regards to which type of bankruptcy you should choose, a professional bankruptcy attorney will be able to help you navigate the legalities to select the option that fits you best. Every business is unique, as well as every bankruptcy case. You will need to be upfront and transparent about all of your business operations so an attorney is capable of representing you with full knowledge.

Chicago Debt Solutions offers Northeaster Illinois residents professional results for business bankruptcy in Chicago. Filing bankruptcy for a business can be overwhelming, you do not have to go through the legal process alone, contact Chicago Debt Solutions today to schedule an appointment.