Building extensions to your home: tips and advantages

Home Improvement

If you wish to get the best out of your home in the near future and long term, then building extensions is one option you should look into. Your family will have a bigger living space, and you have the opportunity to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your abode. Should you decide to move, potential buyers would be keen to secure the place, since they would want a home with a good market value. Obviously, the type of extensions you choose depends on the reasons behind having extensions done in the first place, as well as your financial outlay. Nevertheless, here are a few suggestions to take note of when pursuing building extensions for home improvement purposes.

Planning permission

One of the first steps you would need to take when considering building extensions on your property is to find out whether planning permission is necessary. Reputable builders in Maidstone could do so on your behalf if you approach them. You could also hire the services of an independent architect to compile building plans, and deal with the necessary bureaucratic procedures involved. The benefit of consulting professionals is that they can help minimise your stress levels that inevitably go up when having to go through so many bureaucratic channels.


Make sure you have the necessary funding in place before building starts. What you don’t want to happen is for building extensions to grind to standstill because you ran out of funds. Be realistic about how much you can afford, and go for a reasonable amount when applying for a loan, should you wish to do so. Naturally, how much you are going to have to pay depends on the extent of the extensions you want done. Small-scale, incremental extensions over time might be a better option than one massive project that will overstretch your financial muscle.

Neighbours and Builders

To avoid possible complaints from neighbours about dust or noise when building gets under way, you might want to have a chat with them beforehand. This simple approach can help prevent lawsuits and deteriorating relations with people you live next to. If you live in the area, you could approach professional builders Maidstone for information and advice. It’s important to get the help of certified professionals that have enough experience in the business. One of the benefits of using the right people is that they would be able to take care of the legal requirements and permits with the relevant bodies. Many home owners have learned the hard way not to adopt a do-it-yourself attitude when it comes to the time-consuming, complicated processes that home improvements of this nature entail.