Better Business Bureau Tips for Choosing a Roof Repair Company


As any property owner will tell you, most roofs aren’t designed to last as long as the home does. Depending on the materials selected, most roofs will last anywhere from 15 years to 100 or more. Most property owners find they need some type of Roof Repair Orlando over the time they own the home or commercial property. When you find yourself in need of Roofing Contractors, make sure you choose a reputable company. Here are some Better Business Bureau tips to help you find a Roof Repair Orlando company that does the job right the first time.

* Never rush to sign a contract. Although you may need repairs done immediately, due to storm damage or something of that nature, make sure the contract is reviewed carefully and that any oral promises made by the roofing contractor are included in the document. Obtain a copy of the signed contract before any work begins so you have proof of what was agreed to.

* If a contractor asks you to pay for the entire job up front, you need to continue looking. Most roofing contractors require that you pay one-third of the final price before any work begins. When you pay the contractor, it is best to pay by check or credit card. Don’t pay the remaining balance until you are satisfied that the job has been done right. This may involve having an inspector come out and check the roof. Never pay cash as this could lead to you having inferior repairs done with little recourse other than to file a lawsuit against the contractor. This could be both timely and expensive.

* When a roofing company encourages you to have work done, saying your insurance company will pay for the work, take the time to verify this yourself. When a storm comes through an area, many disreputable companies use this line to get home owners to complete unnecessary repairs, ones that won’t be covered by insurance. Once the work is done, if the insurance company refuses to pay, the home owner is left with the bill.

There are many reputable roofing contractors to select from. Take the time to do some research before having your roof worked on. By taking this step, you can ensure you get a reputable firm rather than one out to get your hard earned money while doing as little work as possible.