The Best Reasons to Consider Professional Home Additions in Hershey, PA

Kitchen & Baths

Home additions are one of the best investments you can make because they solve so many problems. In addition, contractors such as Deimler & Sons Construction specialize in creating custom solutions that fit each client’s needs and budget. Although clients have dozens of uses for Additions Hershey PA contractors often build them to accommodate growing families, seniors, special needs clients, and for those who want to increase home values.

Additions Help Growing Families

Contractors can add rooms that allow families to remain in homes that they love, even as new children are born. When parents consult them about Additions Hershey PA builders can offer custom playrooms, nurseries, bedrooms, and bathrooms. They will design child-safe and child-sized areas. Families can include non-toxic paints, easy maintenance carpeting, and energy-efficient windows that maintain comfortable temperatures.

Additions Increase Home Values

Home additions can add instant beauty and value to properties. When designing Additions Hershey PA contractors are careful to maintain each home’s style and they are careful that the additions appear to flow gracefully from the original building. Added bathrooms and bedrooms make homes more functional, which also increases their value and creates interest among potential buyers. Realtors generally estimate that adding 1,000 square feet of space to a home increases its value by about 3%.

Additions Adapt Homes for Special Needs

Contractors may be asked to create added space to accommodate special needs, including features for disabled homeowners. New spaces may contain wheelchair ramps or lifts and bathrooms can include fixtures, hand bars, and lowered sinks. Safe, non-slip surfaces may be added to the rooms and some additions include areas for physical therapy, whirlpool baths, and more.

Additions Let Seniors Remain in Their Homes

Builders may alter homes so that older homeowners can safely remain in them as they age. Some contractors participate in the Certified Aging in Place Program (CAPS). They are specially trained to redesign homes to fit the needs of the elderly. When the work includes Additions Hershey PA builders often create extra-wide doorways, grab bars, and ground-floor bathrooms. They may build easy-to-reach counters, or even install an elevator.

A home addition adds instant value to a home, can create extra room for a growing family, and may include special needs features. Contractors also build additions for many other reasons, including special projects that offer safety features for the elderly.