Benefits of Pre-season Maintenance by a Company Handling Heating Repair in Pelham

Air Conditioning

Making sure the furnace system in a home is ready for the winter season is something every homeowner should consider as the summer season ends. By handling this type of maintenance work early, before the weather turns cold, a homeowner will be able to have any needed heating repair in Pelham started and completed before the unit is needed most.

One of the main maintenance tasks a heating system will need is a good cleaning. During the course of a season, the heating system can become very dirty. The dirt it collects can cause the unit to run harder, and this can put a strain on very components of the systems. If this is allowed to continue, these parts can wear out much faster, and the unit may need to be replaced much sooner. In addition, a dirty unit will need more energy to run, and this can cause heating costs to increase.

Cleaning the unit generally involves vacuuming the blower inside and out. The grilles and vents on the unit will also need to be cleaned to remove any dirt. The air filter should be checked and replaced if necessary.

The burner on the furnace system should also be checked as well. A technician who handles Heating Repair in Pelham can generally determine if the burner needs to be cleaned by looking at how the burner lights up when the unit is switched on. Flames should be blue and steady. If they are not, the burner is most likely dirty. This can cause heat to be inconsistent, and it will need to be cleaned. This involves disassembling the unit and cleaning all the small parts with wire brushes.

The motor should also be inspected on the blower unit. The wiring and connections should be secure and undamaged. This can help in making sure the system is operating in a safe condition. If there are any issues, the technician may need to replace or repair parts. The fan and fan belt attached to the motor should also be checked for signs of damage and replaced if necessary.

Keeping the heating system ready for winter is important to most homeowners. For more information, please browse our website.