Benefits of Blowing Bark Dust Vancouver WA

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The traditional method for spreading mulch throughout your yard is to take a shovel and scoop the mulch into a wheelbarrow a little bit at a time. Then you move the wheelbarrow to the area where the mulch needs to go and you dump it there before spreading it out with a rake. But this can be time consuming and you’ll be sore by the time you’re done. So why not consider hiring a company that specializes in blowing bark dust Vancouver WA services? Here are some benefits to blowing bark dust.

Leaving No Mess Behind
Regardless of how hard you try, you can never get rid of all the mulch residue that gets left behind with just a broom and shovel. There will always be bark dust left on your driveway or wherever you have the pile dumped. But when you hire a
bark dust Vancouver WA expert, they can blow all of the mulch where you need it to go. That reduces the amount of bark chips and dust that you see on the pathway between the larger pile and where you are spreading it.

Less Physical Labor
Whether you decide to blow the bark dust yourself or if you hire a professional landscaping company to do it for you, you’ll save your back and other muscles from inevitable pain and soreness. You can find landscaping companies that will blow bark dust at affordable rates and they can have the job done quickly while you tend to more important chores around your home. Once they are done, you won’t even know there was a big pile of mulch that they started with.

When you’re spreading mulch the traditional way, it’s easy to have some areas of the landscape get more mulch than other areas. But when you hire a professional
bark dust Vancouver WA company to do the job, they will make sure there is a consistent depth and appearance throughout your entire landscape.

Difficult Areas
Another great advantage of blowing bark dust is that you can reach those little nooks and crannies around your yard that you can’t get to with a broom and shovel. It’s also easier to cover any steep slopes you have around your home.

Better for Plants
When spreading mulch with a wheelbarrow and shovel, there are many opportunities to damage the plants in your landscape. You might accidentally roll over them with the wheelbarrow or you might dump a load of mulch on top of them. This doesn’t happen when blowing bark dust. It’s a gentler way of spreading the product that doesn’t damage your favorite plants.

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