Benefits of a Real-Time GPS Tracking System


Companies use a real-time GPS tracking system to track the location of vehicles in real time. Real-time tracking uses Global Positioning System technology to determine the location of a vehicle and deliver the information in real time via a web-based software application. Information is available in map form and is updated continuously to provide up-to-the-minute information about your fleet.

GPS tracking is used in many industries, including:

  • Transportation
  • Heavy construction
  • Oil and Gas
  • Security
  • Education
  • And many others

Benefits of a Real-Time GPS Tracking System

GPS tracking systems allow you to monitor the location of vehicles, heavy equipment and other assets to reduce loss and increase productivity. You can get information in real time about the location of assets and set up a geofence. This is an area that is predetermined and you can be notified if vehicles leave their service area.

GPS tracking is used for dispatching service vans and technicians and determining the best person to respond to a service call based on geographic location. Using real-time Global Positioning System information, you can dispatch the closest available technician, which uses company resources more effectively and reduces transportation and fuel costs.

The information gathered from GPS tracking includes information about fuel consumption and efficiency. This information can be used for future route scheduling and planning to help control fuel costs and reduce overall operating costs, while improving efficiency and fleet management.

Improved communication with drivers and customers is possible with a real-time GPS tracking system. If a customer calls and wants to know the status of a delivery, authorized users can access the location of trucks and answer the customer’s question, which increases overall customer satisfaction.

In addition to a real-time GPS tracking system, a comprehensive solution will generate reports. You can find reports that meet DOT reporting requirements, engine hours, idle time, location, area and complete reports that include a wide array of data. Look for the ability to generate reports for a variety of purposes and for customized reporting solutions.

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