Benefits of Invisalign in Rockville MD


Invisalign in Rockville MD is a series of clear shells or gutters, nearly invisible and removable, that you have to change every 2 weeks. These trays are designed to move your teeth ever so slightly from their present position into their correct position. People with alignment and malocclusion issues are usually the ones to have this procedure done. If you are interested in having this procedure done, continue reading.

What is Invisalign?

Each aligner is individually manufactured and customized. A three-dimensional model of the dentition is reconstituted by computer and is used to plan and make the movement of the teeth to the tenth of a millimeter using a predefined sequence. Each shell represents a treatment interval of two weeks during which movements have been previously scheduled. The trays cover the entire surface of the teeth to the edge of the gums.

The trays move your teeth gradually from one interval to another, and when you go to the next shell your teeth will have moved a smidgeon until they reach the prescribed final position. The virtual three-dimensional model of your treatment plan is through ClinCheck. This allows you to view the series of moves that will make your teeth perfect after your Invisalign in Rockville MD treatment has finished. It is based on the results of the ClinCheck software.

Using the trays, you can see the extent of the recovery throughout your treatment. This serves as a reminder that there is an end to your procedure, but you must follow all the steps religiously. To help you better understand your role, think a doorknob that you enter to open or close a door. Without the handle, it would be much more difficult to open the door, is not it? You are the door handle and without your help each day, and that slow turn to the right or left, your smile would never reach perfection. Each successive line is based on calculations made by the ClinCheck software operating via virtual three-dimensional changes.

You should always try to improve your smile. The saying, “A smile is worth a thousand words” – is an understatement. You should always treat your smile like it is your last, because, technically, it is. Visit our Facebook Page or contact us for more information.