Benefits of Hiring Sink Repair Experts when a Sink will not Drain


Anytime the sinks in a home are backed up, it can be important for a homeowner to call on Sink Repair Experts as quickly as possible for assistance with the problem. When a sink is backed up it generally means there is a clog somewhere in the plumbing system. While sometimes a homeowner may be able to move the clog by using a plunger, often this is only a temporary fix and so a professional should be contacted so the problem does not reoccur or become a larger issue.

A plumber will be able to use spend some time not only in getting the water in the sink to drain, but they can also spend time checking other areas of the plumbing to determine if the issue has been corrected or if other problems exist. Generally, Sink Repair Experts will spend time examining the plumbing in other areas of the home, both inside and out, to determine if there are clogs or other drain issues anywhere else.

Many plumbers also have high-tech cameras, which they can feed into the pipes of the home to examine their condition. Many times the plumber may locate the actual clog in the pipe, which is causing the drainage issues in the sink. Once found, the plumber can use a heavy-duty plumbing snake or auger to remove the clog from the pipes. This machine works by feeding a long cable into the pipe. At the end of the cable is a hook, which can be turned and dug into the clog. This will tear the clog up and allow water to eventually push it from the pipes. This can stop drainage issues from reoccurring.