Before Hiring a Carrollton GA Custody Lawyer


Divorce is not only an emotional, but stressful and tiring ordeal. The situation is even complicated further if there are children involved. Custody is one of the things that you and your spouse will have to decide in the event that the two of you decide to get a divorce or opt for a separation. It is for this reason that you need to consult an experienced and skilled Carrollton GA Custody Lawyer the instant you decide to seek for a divorce or separation from your spouse.

Nonetheless, there are certain factors that you need to take into consideration before making the decision to hire a particular custody lawyer in Carrollton, GA. Listed below, are some of the questions to ask while interviewing the Carrollton GA Custody Attorney:

1. Are you a parent?

This is a personal question and odds are that the attorney may decline to respond to it. A custody lawyer who is a parent might assist you in figuring out how best to handle the custody issue since the interests of the children have to come first. On the other hand, if your primary concern is winning the custody case, then opt for an attorney who will prioritize your interest over anything else.

2. How much experience do you have in custody cases?

Experience is extremely crucial when it comes to family law. As is the case with other aspects of the law, family law differs from one state to the other. Therefore, it is crucial to hire a Carrollton GA Custody Lawyer who understands divorce and custody laws applied in Carrollton GA. Note that, there is a huge difference between physical and legal custody.

The latter is awarded to the parent who will be staying with the children, while the former is awarded to the parent who will be making decisions regarding how best the children should be raised, for example, which schools to attend, which church to go to and which hospital to seek medical attention from.

3. What is your legal fee?

The attorney is the other factor to bear in mind when looking for a reputable Carrollton GA Custody Lawyer. Find out how much the attorney charges for his/her services and get to know if there is a payment plan for clients who cannot afford lump sum payments.