Banish Odors and Smoke Damage in Roseville

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There is nothing worse than the lingering smell after a fire. Whether you had a small electrical fire in the attic or a major house fire that nearly cost you your home, if you escaped with your home in tact, you are one of the lucky ones. Unfortunately, you will still have a long road ahead as you deal with damage and terrible odors from the smoke. Roseville cleaning crews provide professional clean up after fires, but they also offer some tips to help you banish odors and smoke damage in Roseville. Follow these steps to address that horrible odor and restore your home to its former beauty again.

First, assess the damage to your home. Are you dealing with some scattered ashes and a bad odor? You can probably tackle this on your own if you have the time. Do you have more extensive damage that is just too overwhelming to really even consider? Then call a professional who knows how to handle smoke damage in Roseville. If you decide to clean up independently, you should start right away. The longer you allow the smoke to stay inside, the worse it will get. The odor will seep into the walls, the carpet, and the ventilation system. You’ve got to get in there and air the house out as soon as possible. Open the windows, prop open doors, turn off the ventilation system, and prop fans up facing the open doors. This will force out the smoke and allow air to start circulating quickly.

Next, grab your vacuum cleaner. Preferably, you should use a vacuum with a good HEPA filter, but you will at least need one with a good extension. Start by using the extension to clean away ashes and soot that cover all of the surfaces. Just hold the vacuum extension a couple inches away and the ashes should be sucked in automatically. Don’t press down or you could cause stains. Once you’ve vacuumed the surfaces, run the vacuum over the floor a few times. Don’t forget to empty your bag or filter as needed throughout this process.

After you have aired everything out and vacuumed, start wiping down all the surfaces with a dry sponge. From countertops to furniture to walls to ceilings, you should clean every inch of your house. You can use a mild cleaning solution of vinegar and water as needed to making cleaning a little easier. Then replace all of your HVAC filters and strip away linens in your home to be dry-cleaned. You will also need to clean upholstered furniture so move it outside where you can scrub it and allow it to air out properly. Lastly, use an odor fighting carpet cleaner and vacuum one final time. This method should help remove any leftover traces of smoke damage in Roseville homes or businesses.

Everything can be overwhelming in the aftermath of a major fire. Let a professional cleaning crew deal with smoke damage in Roseville so you can focus on getting past this traumatic event. Learn more about cleanup after a fire at