What Is A Bail Bond?

Bail Bonds

When someone is arrested for a criminal offense that person may be given an opportunity to post bail. Bail is a payment that is made directly to the court and the arrested individual can gain temporary freedom. Bail payment is not quite a guarantee but it is a way that the court uses to help ensure that the accused appears in all future court hearings and the trial. Although the eighth amendment of the US Constitution does state that the amount of bail should not be excessive there are still those who cannot pay bail without help from another person or agency. In cases like this bail bonds in Reno, NV can be very useful as they allow the accused to pay a percentage of the bail amount, normally 10 percent; the remainder of the bail is put up by a bail bond company. In the event the accused does show up in court for all the scheduled hearings and the trial the bail money is refunded to the agency since it was the original source of the money. The 10 percent that the accused put up is retained by the bonding company as profit.

A lot has to do with the seriousness of the crime, bail may be determined in a bail hearing or it may be preset to a schedule. In the case of a bail hearing it is often held in conjunction with the arraignment, this is when the accused has a chance to make a plea of innocence or guilt in the presence of a judge. The court must try to ensure the accused will return for trial and the way they do it is to create a financial incentive. The amount of bail demanded by the court is set low enough that it is possible to post it and high enough to make the accused return to court and retrieve the bail money in total.

If the accused cannot raise the bail personally or perhaps with the help of the family he or she will usually contact a company that offers bail bonds in Reno, NV. The bail bonding company puts up the majority of the money but also assumes a risk as there is no guarantee that the accused will not skip bail, if this happens the court keeps the bail money.

Bail bonds in Reno, NV are readily available, 24 hours a day every day of the week. In the event you are arrested and taken to jail you will most likely be given the opportunity to gain temporary freedom, to do so you may have to contact a company that provides bail bonds in Reno, NV. Able Bail Bonds provides 24-Hour bail bond service where collateral is not always a necessity.