Baby’s First Steps Do Not Have to Be Relegated to Memory


Babies grow up. In many ways, they grow up so much more quickly than we ever imagined possible. Often, those milestones that we swore we would never forget become more and more distant memories until we reach that point when we do not really remember a time when they were not walking or talking or going to school or driving or on their own. However, there is a fabulous and lasting way to preserve your special memories of your baby forever. If you have a print of your baby’s milestones, such as first steps, a first bath, or sticking little fingers into that first birthday cake, that print can be transferred to canvas for a lasting treasure.

The reality is that your little bundle of joy will quickly grow into someone less and less little at a very rapid rate. Soon, the years have travelled by and memories accumulate in a blur. But when a memory is preserved on canvas, it can always serve as a visual reminder of the excitement of those first steps, or of sloppy, soapy bath times, or of birthday parties long since passed. Transferring a print to canvas not only gives you a wonderful memory to display in your home, but at some point, it will make a treasured heirloom to pass on to your grown-up baby.

Even if it has been a long time since your child was a baby and the original print has become tattered or faded, it is still possible to have a canvas created from the print. Modern technology has allowed for incredible innovations in restoration of photo prints that, in many cases, an old print can be made to look like new. A print that has been lodged away in a photo album for years or a digital photo that was just taken last year can both be transferred to canvas with relative ease. Even an old black and white print from an instamatic camera can be a candidate for a canvas masterpiece thanks to the wonders of the restoration process.

Whether your baby is still a baby, is now a toddler, or has left babyhood long ago, taking a print and transferring it to a lasting, permanent canvas is a way to preserve a treasured memory for generations to come. If you have memories for more than one baby, creating a canvas for each of them will enable you to enjoy a piece of their childhood forever and will enable you to share that with them and with your grandchildren well into the future.