Attorney Racine Tips for Winning a Personal Injury Lawsuit


Although an attorney will work hard for you to win a personal injury lawsuit, there are things you can do to help make your lawyer’s job easier. If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to contact a personal injury Attorney Racine or elsewhere.

Get a Thorough Medical Evaluation

Your long-term health is more important than any money you may win in a lawsuit. If you are injured, have been attacked by a dog or been in an accident caused by someone else, go to a doctor or hospital immediately. Don’t try to tough out the pain. Make sure the medical personnel know where you hurt and how badly you hurt. Get copies of your medical reports or imaging test results from the doctor or emergency medical employee.

Keep a File About Your Injury

Anything pertaining to your accident or injury should be kept in a separate file, box or bag so you can know where to go if your lawyer has any questions for you. Bring this file to your initial consultation interview with the lawyer. Place in this file things like any police reports, medical reports, medical expenses, pictures of the accident or your injuries and any witness statements.

Be Honest With Your Lawyer

A lawyer’s office is like a priest’s confessional – everything said inside of that office is strictly confidential. Your lawyer can’t help you unless you are completely honest with him or her. If the lawyer is uncomfortable with taking on your case, he or she will say so and you can find another lawyer. There are many lawyers in Racine and surrounding areas for you to choose from.

Let Your Lawyer Do the Talking

You’ve taken the time to find the right lawyer for you, so let your lawyer do all of the talking or communicating with insurance companies, property owners, dog owners or whoever is responsible for your injury. Your lawyer will make sure that your story is not twisted by the person or company that you are seeking money from. Let your Attorney Racine decide if a settlement offer is good enough to compensate you for your time and suffering.