Arrested for Shoplifting? Hire a Criminal Attorney in Cambridge, MD


Shoplifting can be a serious crime depending upon how much was stolen. Parents are understandably upset when they get a call from their college student saying they are in jail, because they walked out of the store with an expensive purse. Their first move should be to contact a Criminal Attorney in Cambridge, MD such as Mark A. Zeve. He has over 25 years of experience and has handled many different kinds of criminal cases. He understands how parents feel in this situation. He even gives discounts to students and members of the military.

Stealing a purse that’s worth almost $1,000 is a serious offense and has to be taken seriously. Zeve will arrive at the jail in time to be present while the police question the daughter. He’ll review the evidence that the police have. Many stores have video surveillance and he’ll find out if that exists. He’ll also review the daughters criminal past, if there is one. The District Attorney has a lot of leeway when it comes to the charges that are filed against a person. A Criminal Attorney in Cambridge, MD will try to get the lowest possible charges filed against their client. A felony charge can follow a person throughout their life. Many employers now routinely perform background checks. A theft conviction can make it difficult to get a job in many companies.

Even video evidence can be interpreted several ways. A lawyer can argue that it was an innocent mistake and that the person intended to pay for the purse. Often eco-friendly companies encourage shoppers to bring their own totebags in to save on plastic bags. A distracted shopper can often forget to pay for an item after they have put it in their totebag. If the girl has no prior shoplifting charges, then it’s easier to convince the District Attorney that it was a misunderstanding.

However if the girl has several convictions, the laywer will have to work to minimize the evidence that gets in at trial. He will argue that the jury shouldn’t be told of the past convictions. If she is still found guilty, he’ll work to get a suspended sentence or the least jail time possible.Visit website for more information.