Are there differences in vinyl fences?

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Vinyl fences in Nassau County NY come in a multitude of attractive colors and types. Vinyl fences are simple to maintain compared to tradition wood or wrought iron. Vinyl is a very strong, completely recyclable plastic, it can withstand the extremes of weather and the material is produced with UV inhibitors that keep them safe from any potential damage from the sun’s rays.

Vinyl fences in Nassau County NY come in a number of different designs; one of the most popular is the privacy fence which blocks the view into your property from passers-by or by your neighbors. These fences are constructed of a tongue and groove design, that, when installed, provide a gap free surface. They are well suited for use around a swimming pool. The panels can vary in height but the most common heights are four and six feet, the panels are eight feet wide. The colors and designs are quite varied; there are lattice work designs, as well as horizontal, crisscross and vertical panel effects.

The finishes even include various wood grains as well as a stone or granite effect.

Fences that are not intended for full privacy will have spaced pickets which are either installed vertically or they are woven into a lattice effect. This style fence is more appropriate for keeping your pets and kids contained the yard and for defining property lines. This style is often found within the confines of a property, defining certain areas for certain activities. One of the benefits of this design is wind flow. A full privacy fence acts as a barrier to the wind, which in some cases can be desirable, but in other cases, wind movement makes the fenced area more comfortable.

What are commonly called shadow-box fences in Nassau County NY are about six feet high. They offer a semblance of privacy similar to pickets, but the design is more pleasant to the eye from both sides of the fence.

Vinyl picket fences are perhaps the most popular; they offer a very traditional look and are perfect for boundary definition. They are usually no more than four feet high, considerably shorter than privacy and semi-privacy fencing. If the intention of the home owner is to demarcate the property and maintain pets and children, then vinyl chain link is an attractive option. Vinyl chain link make a great choice when defining areas, such as a vegetable garden, within a given property.

All vinyl fences in Nassau County NY can be had with decorate post caps and gates, the picket sizes are also variable in height, width and spacing. When purchasing your vinyl fence, make sure that all the fasteners that come with it are stainless steel. Not only does stainless make for a stronger fence, it will last as long as the fence, which is for many years.

Vinyl fences in Nassau County NY, in many different designs and colors can be had from All Island Fence & Railing. With 25 years of fencing experience they are in a position to supply and install your fence, all in accordance with local regulations.