Anesthesia Machine Price: Essential Factors

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Anesthesia machines are a common and even essential piece of equipment in medical facilities. They provide oxygen, accurately and precisely mix the right amount of anesthetic gasses and reduce risks to both patients and staff while performing these chores. While they do so, administrators are hoping they prove to be cost-effective. This is one factor – the overall anesthesia machine price – leading them to select the machine.

Essential Factors Affecting the True Price

A cost analysis of any anesthesia machine should extend beyond the price. While the medical administrator in charge of a medical facility tends to worry about the purchase price, this should not be the sole criterion. He or she must factor in other factors that will affect the true cost of the anesthesia machine or system. The administrator must consider all factors or aspects including:

Personnel costs: These can be the most expensive of all the inherent costs of operating an anesthesia machine. Newer machines may involve updating training

Acquisition charges

Maintenance costs: Depending on the complexity, age, style and model of the machine, maintenance costs may range. Other factors influencing these costs include the

Operating expenses

Costs for the gasses: These can vary per machine and may also depend on usage, availability and efficiency of both the machine and the anesthesiologist in delivering the gas

Expenses for the price of volatile anesthetic: This is another costly area.

An administrator must factor all these costs in order to arrive at the actual anesthesia machine price.

Average Anesthesia Machine Price

The cost of an anesthesia machine extends beyond the actual purchase price. The average anesthesia machine price will vary widely beyond what the price tag says. Administrators have to consider various factors that will influence whether the machine will be cost-effective. In other words, cheaper machines may prove to be more costly than those whose higher price provides built-in efficiencies.