An Overview On Stretch code Hopkinton, MA


Hopkinton, Massachusetts has adopted the Stretch code which is an optional appendix in the Massachusetts building energy code. This code allows for cities and towns to choose a more energy efficient option of building. The Stretch code is modeled after the IECC Energy Code (International Energy Conservation Code).

The Stretch code Hopkinton MA focuses on enhancing the current building code by using energy efficient materials and designs. This code allows for approximately 20% better energy efficiency in new commercial and residential properties as opposed to the energy efficiency achieved when adhering to the Base energy code. Many of the changes seen in the Stretch code have been endorsed by the Federal Department of Energy and are very likely to be adopted into the commercial chapter of the IECC Energy Code in 2012.

The Stretch code Hopkinton MA allows for the town to meet one of the five criteria to become a Green Community and thus be eligible to receive a portion of the state’s annual $10 million grant to communities in the state that are energy conscious. Using the Stretch code Hopkinton MA provides for a 20% reduction in energy costs which results in a 2 to 3 year payback. The stretch code allows towns and municipalities to take meaningful action on energy use as well as climate change and it has yielded significant cost savings for local residents and business owners.

The Stretch code Hopkinton MA applies to both residential and commercial buildings. Residential buildings range from single family homes to buildings three stories high. It also applies to major renovations as well as new construction additions. Historic buildings are however exempt for the Stretch code as well as the base energy code. In the case of commercial buildings, the Stretch code applies to new commercial buildings that are over 5,000 square feet and this includes multi-family residential buildings over three stories. However, other commercial buildings such as; supermarkets, warehouses and laboratories are exempted if they are below 40,000 square feet.

In Hopkinton MA, many business owners have discovered the benefits of developing sustainable green buildings and operations and the payback on upgrading basic building improvements can already be seen and it is attracting quality companies and creating significantly more valuable buildings.