Airsoft Spring Pistols Offer Unique and Unexpected Benefits on the Battlefield


In airsoft sports, larger guns have always been the favorites in new players and amateurs. However, many people don’t realize the many benefits that airsoft spring pistols can offer. This is why we have taken some of the top tips from the pros, in order to help you understand the true value of pistols on the airsoft battlefield.

Smaller Guns offer Greater Mobility and Evasion

While many players enjoy the ammo capacity and rate of fire of larger guns like assault rifles, there are also many who enjoy pistols as their primary weapons. This is because a pistol offers three key benefits when compared to others guns:

  • Mobility – Pistols are less bulky than larger guns and allow the user to be quicker at moving from cover to cover. With a pistol, you are almost completely unhindered and can move as rapidly as you would normally, giving you a mobility advantage over players wielding large guns.

  • Evasion – Because pistols allow the user to be quicker on the field, it also opens up more evasive options. With a large gun, you may not be able to fall back fast enough to evade a flank or direct assault.

  • Visibility – It’s often easy to see where a player is by just looking for a barrel that is sticking out of cover. Looking for a pistol user is harder, as pistols are small, can be hidden easily and don’t force you take up a stance or position to shoot.

Why have One Gun when you can have Two?

Another reason why airsoft spring pistols are an excellent choice on the battlefield is that you can choose to wield two pistols. This not only doubles up on the ammo capacity you have before reloading, but also offers the unique benefit of being able to shoot in two directions at once.

This means that you can suppress one enemy with a barrage of pellets, while aiming to assassinate other enemies who are out of position. There are few tactics that offer both offense and defense like dual-wielding pistols, and this tactic can certainly change the game in your favor.

So next time you see a small pistol next to a large rifle, don’t immediately discredit the pistol. It offers many unique benefits that large guns simply can’t. For more information on the various kinds of airsoft guns like pistols, rifles, shotguns and sniper rifles, check out the wide range of airsoft equipment at AirsoftGI – the nation’s largest airsoft chain store.

The unique and unexpected benefits of airsoft spring pistols. AirsoftGI offers the widest range of quality airsoft guns and equipment for optimal enjoyment.

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