The Airline Industry Can Be Revolutionized


The commercial aviation industry is becoming more competitive as airlines merge and the ability to offer promotional fares increase. However, it takes more than good fares to get customers on board. Providing comprehensive new IT systems to the aviation industry across all service areas is something that is available. They cover all of the services and operations that get the aircraft off the ground on time with happy passengers. This range of technology products available to the aviation industry will revolutionize the industry passenger service capabilities.

This company works in the non-aviation sector and our processes manage mission-critical operations of major oil and gas companies, hotels, cruise lines and tour operators. Many IT services are provided to Business & Technology Consulting, Managed Services in the Aviation, Travel, Hospitality and Oil & Gas industries. The 170 customers include every segment of the travel industry as well as oil & gas companies.

The airport segment of this business manages and controls flights. This support daily operations of aircraft servicing, creates passenger records. This system supports interline through check-in and the check-in of code share passengers.

There is less agent intervention with the configurable seating algorithms. This is based on equipment’s ensuring load and balance requirements. This creates less check-in time also. This system manages every aspect of the aircraft’s boarding, post departure updates and flight close out. These systems completely manage the flight operations that will give the passenger a hassle-free trip.

Managing airline staff travel can be simplified with an online booking system. This is simplified by being able to record a booking at any time. The geographic location of the staff person is not relevant. The Staff system handles work travel and travel for personal reasons. This system ensures compliance with Airline Staff Travel requirements. It also provides for compliance with interline agreements.

The airline industry is looking for ways to increase its profitability and retain customers. While the industry does have computer systems, they probably do not have the systems described in this article. The cost to replicate these systems internally would be prohibitive. A review of these systems from the value added view point would be a learning experience.