Air Conditioning Broke? Hire an Austin Air Conditioner Repair Company

Air Conditioning

When an air conditioning system stops working during the hot Texas summer, it is truly an emergency call. Not only can a home become uncomfortable, temperatures can rise to a life-threatening temperature. Elderly people are particularly at risk because their bodies have a harder time regulating body temperature. So it is particularly important for older homeowners or their children to know how to call for rapid Austin Air Conditioner repair. It’s important that this repair service be available 24 hours a day, every day of the week.

The best way for a homeowner to ensure a rapid repair is to partner with a specific air conditioning company. Usually this takes the form of a maintenance agreement. The homeowner either pays an up-front fee, agrees to pay for an annual inspection and resulting maintenance or a combination of those two. The air conditioning industry recently conducted a survey that found 30 percent of all emergency calls could have been avoided by routine maintenance. So the homeowner benefits immediately from an annual inspection by having an efficiently running system and lessening their chance of needed an emergency visit.

There are many other benefits to having a service or maintenance plan with a particular Austin Air Conditioner repair company. Customers with a service plan are given priority over others when the emergency repair appointment list is generated. That means when it’s the middle of a painfully hot day and the air conditioning stops working, the homeowner with a service plan gets priority over everyone else. They can also expect to have parts replaced for free, if it was part of the maintenance inspection. Many air conditioning companies also waive the emergency service fee. Every homeowner knows how expensive night or weekend emergency service calls can be.

Before a homeowner signs a maintenance agreement with an air conditioning company they should make sure that they have adequate service staff to handle widespread emergencies. Being near the top of a service list, when only two technicians are available can still mean a long wait. The technicians should also arrive with a fully-stocked truck. Having commonly-used spare parts available ensures timely repairs. It’s also important that the company have a good track record of high customer service values.