Advice for First Time Home Buyers from Oklahoma City Real Estate Agents

Construction and Maintenance

Purchasing your first home is an exciting, yet terrifying prospect. Whether you are a young professional, part of a newlywed couple or a young family, there are so many details to juggle and understand! Oklahoma City real estate agents have some sage advice to share so that your home-buying experience remains a positive, exciting time.

The Type of Home and Its Location

Location is of utmost importance almost as much as the type of home you are seeking. Do you want a townhome in the midst of urban sprawl or a home in the suburbs? Are you striving to cut down on your work commute? Will you be relying on public transportation or do you have your own vehicle to get to and from work? Of course, Oklahoma City real estate agents will also advise you to research the local schools as well if you have children.

What’s your Budget and Credit Rating?

If you are a first time home-buyer, meet with your banker or lender to determine the amount of money you are willing to pay or can afford, along with the other expenses in your life. The down payment, property taxes, monthly mortgage payment and homeowner’s insurance should all factor into the budget along with any additional fees such as closing costs, home inspection fees and more. Oklahoma City real estate agents can provide a breakdown of fees you should expect.

Of course, having a bad credit rating can make a huge impact on purchasing a home. Some mortgage lenders will reject you outright while others will charge an exorbitant interest rate. Sometimes, it is better to stay in that apartment and build a healthy credit rating to qualify for a lower interest rate.

Hire One of the Talented Oklahoma City Real Estate Agents

You need someone representing you during the purchase of your first home. A real estate agent will first present homes for your review that fit within your lifestyle and budget. Once you have located a property you want, an agent can also walk you through the purchase process from making an offer and suggesting loan options to completing all the necessary paperwork. They will also suggest that you get a home inspection before contracting on a home. A professional home inspector will check the wiring, utilities and structural integrity of the home to ensure that the home is safe. You don’t want to be surprised with costly repairs!

Contact Oklahoma City real estate agents and find one that best suits your needs. Let them help you with the stressful part of buying your first home so you can enjoy this major milestone in your life.