Advantages Of Pre School Bethesda For Your Child

Careers And Education

By nature, children are bright and curious beings. They enjoy life and are interested in the activities surrounding them. By the time children are three or four years old, whether the parents work outside of the home or not, chances are that they would enjoy and benefit from the challenges of a good pre school program. Understandably, not all pre school programs are alike. Some pre schools act like glorified babysitters and don’t do much teaching of the students, but others such as the Pre School Bethesda take time nurture a love of learning in their students that most likely will last a lifetime. This type pre school has a great advantage to the students.

One of the main advantages of pre school is that the children learn social skills that will serve them well into adulthood. It’s no secret that children enjoy playing with other children. It’s a wonderful experience for them, especially when everyone gets along well. Because children aren’t born with social graces, pre school is the perfect time to teach them how to listen to others, share and take turns. No one enjoys playing with a selfish child and by learning these skills at a young age, children will be prepared for the world that awaits them as they grow.

It’s been proven that the brain develops rapidly during the first four years of life. This is the time they are ready and eager to learn and experience new adventures. They will gain self confidence and feel ready to conquer the world. Academically their brains are like sponges at this age, soaking up any and all knowledge they are exposed to.

The structure of preschool is valuable for children too. Preschoolers thrive on routine. It gives them security and a sense of belonging. Their school day is based on a schedule and most children love that they can predict what is coming next throughout the day. This is good preparation for the formal elementary schooling they will soon encounter.

Sending children to Pre School Bethesda is a personal choice, but for most children the advantages of the Private School far outweigh any negatives. Because children learn a great deal through play and interaction with others, attending school, even on a part time basis allows them to grow in self esteem and self confidence.