Advantages of Cremation Services In Philadelphia

Funeral Services

If you have recently lost a loved one you may currently be in the process of planning a funeral and memorial service. One of the important choices that must be made during this process is the decision to either bury or cremate the deceased’s remains. If you are still undecided on this matter, there are many advantages to cremation services in Philadelphia that you may not have considered.

To begin with, cremation offers a low-cost alternative to burial. A burial can be very expensive, as you will have to pay for the plot of land in the cemetery along with the casket and a variety of fees associated with care of the remains leading up to the funeral. Many of these fees can be avoided with cremation, and cremation urns tend to be much more affordable than caskets.

Another benefit of cremation services in Philadelphia is that they are environmentally friendly. Many people are concerned about their ecological footprint even in death, and cremation is a lower impact option than burial from an environmental standpoint.

One of the best things about choosing cremation services in Philadelphia is that they offer the family a large degree of flexibility in planning the funeral and memorial service. When the family has chosen burial the funeral must be held relatively quickly after death, particularly in the case of an open casket funeral. However, a person can be cremated immediately after death with no rush on the memorial service. This will give you time to plan the service exactly the way that your family wants it and also give out of town guests time to buy their plane tickets and make the trip. You will also avoid the costs and hassle of planning a funeral on short notice.

One last thing to think about is that cremation services in Philadelphia allow you to say goodbye to your loved one with a personal touch. Rather than burying the remains in the cemetery, you may want to sprinkle the ashes along the deceased’s favorite hiking trail or let them float away on a river you used to visit together. There are also a variety of decorative urns you may choose to purchase that would allow you to display the ashes in your home if you choose to keep them. Remember also that even if you choose cremation you can still elect to bury the ashes and place a marker in the cemetery.