Accused of a Felony? Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney in Redding, CA


Not everyone who is arrested by the police is guilty, although the police may treat them that way. There may be a credible explanation why a person’s fingerprints are on the company safe or why their DNA is at a crime scene. Unfortunately once the police decide that a person is guilty, they often stop investigating other people. As soon as a person is arrested they should hire a Criminal Defense Attorney in Redding, CA. The Cibula Law Firm has a team in place that can immediately start crafting an aggressive defense for the accused person.

They will carefully review all of the evidence that the police have gathered against their client. It will be examined to ensure that the police used proper procedures to gather it. If they did not get the proper warrants prior to searching the client’s home or car, then any evidence that was taken there can’t be used during the trial. Physical evidence can be interpreted in many different ways. Recent cases have shown that fingerprint identification is an art and not a science. The accuracy of the match depends upon the number of similarities at various points on the fingerprints. After a Pacific Northwest man was mistakenly identified as a terrorist by major fingerprint experts, the industry increased the number of match points that are required. A Criminal Defense Attorney in Redding, CA will know how to question the fingerprint experts to determine their accuracy.

Defendants are often worried about their case and how much the defense will cost. Attorneys at the Cibula Law Firm will interview the defendant and assess the cost of mounting an appropriate defense. Legal fees depend upon the complexity of the evidence that needs to be evaluated. Clients are given an accurate estimate from the beginning. They don’t have to wonder what the final cost to defend themselves will be.

A Criminal Defense Attorney in Redding, CA knows that eyewitness testimony is often inaccurate and that it can change over time. They will review all testimony and look for inconsistencies. They will also investigate the witness to determine if they could be protecting someone else. This is all used to create the reasonable doubt that a jury can use to find a person not guilty.