About a Child Custody Attorney Bethlehem


Child custody is often one of the main issue divorcing parents have to worry about when they decide to go their separate ways. Visitation rights and child support can either be decided outside the court room or if emotions and disagreements escalate a court case is often imminent. This is where child custody attorney in Bethlehem usually come in, it would be however, wise to recruit their services from the onset.

These lawyers act as intermediaries and negotiators, to help the estranged parents negotiate the terms of the child custody, and then get the court to approve these agreed terms. If an agreement cannot be reached, a petition is filed in court. In this case the court decides who get custody of the child. child custody attorney Bethlehem can also help parents develop a working plan on child support and visitation rights.

Child custody matters are often complex matters, and thus a suitable attorney is important in helping you understand the laws involved in these matters. For instance, an attorney will guide you on how to “package” your history, so as to prove that you are a suitable candidate that is able to provide quality care, education and stability to your children.

There are a number of things to consider when choosing a Child Custody Attorney Bethlehem that would be best suited to represent you, for instance:


– How comfortable are you sharing your personal information? You should note that you will be required to reveal some personal matters to your attorney, so that they can offer you credible representation. So, ensure that you select an attorney you are comfortable talking to!

-Credibility and expertise: Many attorneys practice various forms of law. So, when it concerns your children ensure that you have an attorney that is specialized in Family law. Such an attorney is capable of understanding all matters as pertaining to divorce and custody issues; thus, would be most suitable for your child custody case.

All legal matters involving children can at times turn into “complex matters”; it is thus, wise to have a credible Child Custody Attorney Bethlehem by your side throughout the legal process.