A nursing home guide


As we age, more and more people are faced with the prospect of either putting their elderly family members into one of the Nursing homes in Boise ID. The decision to go into a nursing home may be sudden, such as having a stroke or heart attack or it may become necessary as day to day living becomes increasingly difficult and staying at home is no longer an option.

There are often misconceptions about Nursing homes Boise ID, this makes making the decision more difficult. To make the decision making process easier, it is necessary to know as much about nursing homes as possible.

What is a nursing home?

A nursing home provides the highest level of elderly care outside of hospitalization. The nursing home provides full custodial care; getting in and out of bed, bathing, assistance with eating and dressing are all part of the caring process. This degree of care can be found in other assisted living facilities, what makes nursing homes is Boise ID different is, they provide a very high level of medical care and support. A nursing home has a staff of doctors and nurses who care for each patient’s needs, this staff compliment is on the premises around the clock. The nursing home medical staff often includes a physical therapist, either employed by the home or on-site during scheduled times of the week. This level of medical care is not available in other assisted living facilities.

Perhaps it is just the term “nursing home” that carries a negative connotation; let’s look at some of the myths that prevail.

  • A nursing home is the only option: Many people believe that a nursing home is the only option for those who are unable to care for themselves. This is simply not true; there are many other services available, ranging from help with tasks such as laundry and shopping to visiting health care. When staying at home is no longer possible, there are custodial facilities such as assisted living that will provide a better option when full time medical care is not required.
  • A nursing home is where you go when your family doesn’t care anymore: There are very strong beliefs that it is the duty of the family to care for the elderly, however, today’s world is very different from the past. Families are smaller and they often live far apart from one another and as people are living longer, it simply may not be possible to provide care. This does not mean the family doesn’t care, it simply means that a responsible decision has to be made for alternative care. It takes a great deal of caring to put a family member into a nursing home.
  • I will never leave: Many elderly fear that once they are in a nursing home, they will never leave alive. Although those who require medical and custodial care may be in the nursing homes is Boise ID until they dies, others may be put in the home after a fall or a stroke, only to leave after rehabilitation.

Nursing homes are moving with the times. In the past they were oriented to medical care with patient comfort being the primary goal. Today, there are nursing homes is Boise ID that are more like a home within a home, with privacy, communal areas and continuity of staff.

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