A Look at the Kinds of Products You Can Buy at Your Local Dispensary in Bellingham

Cannabis Store

Modern marijuana dispensaries have evolved from the times of old when they used to only sell flower of a questionable quality. Today, due to the legalization movement, cannabis is sold in a wide variety of products manufactured by companies from all over the state. This green revolution has resulted in tremendous profits for entrepreneurs, but it has also resulted in a much greater selection for consumers.

All the Bud You Can Smoke

When consumers walk into a bud shop today, they are instantly granted access to some of the highest quality flowers in their area. Lab-tested and approved buds that are covered in trichomes from top to bottom are widely available right now. Thus, if you go to a Bellingham dispensary today, you will get to choose from dozens of flowers to suit your every need.

Cannabis Products to Fit Your Lifestyle

Along with traditional pre-rolls, as you would expect to find at a dispensary, these businesses are now also selling more sophisticated products for the true cannabis connoisseur. For instance, there are now a series of tinctures and topicals which provide for natural relief from ailments without any side effects. There are also a variety of edibles that are absolutely delicious snacks with a bit of a kick. Edibles come in the form of chocolates, candies, and cookies. There are also more innovative options like cannabis capsules that may be perfect for the discreet consumer.

If you’re wanting to take it up a notch though, then you will want to ask your Bellingham dispensary for some concentrates. These products feature some of the highest THC concentrations found in any product on the market today. They also pack powerful flavors that leave a lasting impact upon the senses.

While concentrates provide cannabis consumers with a very clean and natural high, they can be difficult to consume. To make this easier, manufacturers are now putting their concentrates into vaporizer cartridges. Just attach your cartridge to a battery and you’re off!