A Life Altering Event May Demand an Auto Injury Attorney in Johnson City TN

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An auto injury can be devastating for the injured party and the family, when the injury is as a result of another person’s negligence you need to immediately contact an Auto Injury Attorney in Johnson City TN.

As devastating as it may be, there may be some good news as the injured party may be entitled to compensation. Compensation will be paid by the insurance of the party who has been shown as being negligent and they can try to take advantage of the situation, especially if the injured party is in the hospital and the primary concern is paying the bills and getting ones family over the hump during the period of incapacitation. In a case like this, the injured party is advised not to negotiate anything with an insurance company and certainly do not sign any documents where rights may be waived.

When an Auto Injury Attorney in Johnson City TN is contacted he will make the concern of his client a priority, the client’s priority is to recover.
An Auto Injury Attorney in Johnson City TN can comfortably represent a client who has been injured in a manner other than an automobile accident. Injuries that happen on the job, tripping on a public sidewalk, product defects that cause harm and bodily assault all are similar situations to the attorney. In these cases, if negligence by another party can be proven then the claimant will be adjudged monetary compensation.

The amount of the monetary award often depends on the severity of the injury and an Auto Injury Attorney in Johnson City TN can assure that you receive the maximum. If the injury results in broken bones, the loss of a limb, severe brain damage that causes long term disability the award will probably be much high than if the injuries were less severe. The compensation that is granted by the courts does not only take the actual injuries into account but the award can take into account the ramifications on a person’s life. Pain and suffering and emotional stress can all enter into the award equation and the attorney who represents the plaintiff will attempt to maximize the award based on these intangible issues. A powerful attorney often is a factor in the award.

There are times when an Auto Injury Attorney in Johnson City TN will mediate for an award rather than take the case to court. Mediation is a process of assuring monetary satisfaction for personal injuries caused by the negligence of others, outside the courtroom. Mediation is normally done directly between the attorney and the insurance company.

Regardless of whether your case is mediated or court mandated the services of Attorney Andrew E. Farmer will be required; Auto injury attorney Farmer has recovered millions of dollars in for settlements for clients during his years of practice.