A Guide to Hiring Roofers


It would not be wise to hire the first roofing company you come across when you are in need of one. Some are simply better – with more experience, professionalism, or well-qualified, highly-trained staff – than others. Inexperienced or poorly-qualified roofers might be easy on your pocket, but bound to deliver inferior work, and end up costing your more in time and money. Shoddy roof jobs could endanger your family’s life, apart from causing damage to the structure of the building. Here is a brief guide to hiring the right roofer should you be on the lookout for one.

Experience and portfolios

Experienced roofers in High Wycombe are the best in the business. These experts have years of experience on various kinds of buildings, working under different weather conditions, and a variety of other demands that come with the job. Moreover, they have seen enough failures and successes in the industry, and will know how to avoid errors that newcomers don’t even know exist. Their portfolios should contain evidence of all the various types and styles of roofs they had helped to erect, repair and maintain. Aside from looking at their portfolios, ask for references, and speak to previous clients of the roofer you are thinking about hiring.

Insurance and Quotes

Legitimate, reputable roofers in High Wycombe can provide insurance and bonding to protect clients against the unforeseen risks of the job. They adhere to a code of ethics stipulated by the craft, and potential clients like you have the right to inquire if a particular company has had legal proceedings against them for deviating from the code of conduct. It would also be in your interest to get quotes and prices for materials and labour from more than one roofing company. Compare the quotes to see which charge below or above the average, and find out why. This is to ensure that you know whom you are getting involved with, and what you can expect when hiring them. It would not hurt to make independent inquiries from suppliers to roofing companies about prices of materials for comparison purposes.


To protect clients against possible flaws in the materials used in erecting or repairing a roof, or mistakes during the installation process itself, reputable roofing companies offer warranties. Remember that different kinds of roofs – flat or pitched – have different warranty lengths, and so do the various types of materials used in their construction. Trustworthy roofers will inform you about these details beforehand to ensure that what they are going to do is in accord with your specific needs. It is important to choose a roofing company you have done some prior research on, and feel comfortable about hiring.

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