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If you are facing criminal charges, the best option is to hire for legal representation from a criminal defense attorney from Criminal Law Wilsonville OR. However, the best opportunity for defense is on the early stages before a case has been filed in court or right after an arrest. If there are issues or problems regarding the case, the criminal defense attorney will be able to contact the prosecutor before a charge is filed in court and secure a dismissal. This would be quite difficult when charges have been filed in court since the prosecutor might decide to see through the case and how it will be played through the legal justice system instead of a quick resolution.

Even when the charges seem valid, the criminal defense attorney may be able to negotiate a plea bargaining agreement with the prosecutor for a lesser charge. Cooperating with the police investigation or with the prosecutor’s office in providing evidence on the case may work in your favor in order that your criminal defense attorney can get a better deal like an agreement that no charges will be filed against you.

Sometimes, you may be too eager to share your side of the story and relate to the police investigators an exaggeration of the events with the belief that it may help you with your case. Always pay attention to the Fifth Amendment where you have the constitutional right to remain silent and you cannot be compelled to reveal information that will implicate you in a case. It is not true that if you tell your story you will be exonerated. Under no circumstances should you tell a story as this may be used against you. The only person whom you can confide in is your defense attorney from Criminal Law Wilsonville OR.

When you hire your defense attorney from Criminal Law Wilsonville OR, you should provide all the details that led to the case in concise chronological order of the relevant events. If there are witnesses that you know of, give their names to your lawyer. You owe it to your attorney to tell him everything that transpired whether you are guilty of the crime or you are an accomplice. Allow your criminal defense attorney to guide you through the specific issues and relevant facts. He will know what questions to ask and he is expecting that you answer with the truth.

You and your criminal defense attorney may be put in an awkward situation if you lie or hold back on pertinent information related to the case on hand. Refrain from misrepresentations and half-truths as this will have a profound effect on your credibility and that of your lawyer. Even a small misrepresentation may result to your conviction.

Your defense attorney from Criminal Law Wilsonville OR will want you to be available at various times to be informed with the progress of the case. Make sure that you provide your contact number and current address where a notice of hearing can be sent. If your attorney asks you to provide additional information, do so by all means and quickly.