A Commercial Electrician in Newnan GA Can Avoid These Mistakes


Where electrical problems and repairs are concerned, it can be difficult for business owners to find their own solutions. Safety is crucial when working with electricity, and a Commercial Electrician in Newnan GA knows which precautions to take to do the job safely. Below are several mistakes commonly made by DIYers that are easily avoidable by hiring an electrician.

Using the Wrong Size Cables and Wires

Wire gauge refers to the size of a wire and different sizes are used for varying purposes and in different areas. If the wire is the wrong size for the current used, overheating can result. A commercial electrician will ensure that wiring and devices are rated for the amperage being carried.

Improper Repairs on Switches and Outlets

Everyone has dealt with at least one power outlet or light switch that doesn’t work correctly. When an outlet or switch dangles from the wall or works intermittently, it can be aggravating, and it can be very dangerous. As equipment is plugged into such outlets, wires can come loose and cause overheating, arcing, and other hazardous conditions. However, an electrician can install outlets and switches right the first time.

Fuse Replacement

Fuses and breakers protect wire amperage ratings and regulate the flow of electricity to connected devices. When fuses repeatedly blow, many people think they just need to be replaced or that a bigger fuse will solve the problem. If a fuse keeps blowing or a circuit breaker trips frequently, it’s a job for a Commercial Electrician in Newnan GA to handle.

Overloading Outlets and Extension Cords

Overloading electrical outlets and drop cords is a common mistake among area business owners. While it may not seem like an issue, as multi-plug adapters are readily available, it can cause serious problems. Electricians recommend extension cords be used only if they have the right amperage rating.

The mistakes listed in this guide are easily relatable, and many business owners make them. However, such errors can have costly and dangerous consequences. It is important to avoid these mistakes and always hire a professional with Plugged In Electrical Services to resolve electrical issues.