5 Fire Safety Tips You Should Discuss With Your Family


It is important to discuss fire safety in London with everyone in your family. Having the knowledge to know what to do in case of a fire can keep everyone in your family safe. Some things to think about discussing with your children about fire safety in London are never playing with first starters, never hiding when a fire starts, having and escape plane, defining a meeting place outside, and learning how to do stop, drop, and roll. Here is some more information about these important tips for fire safety in London.

Never Play With Fire Starters

It is important to teach your children never to play with fire starters. A little spark can easily catch on something and cause a big fire that is out of control. Keep your children away from candles, lighters, and matches and if you have any in your home, it is a good idea to keep them locked up so your children cannot get to them. Make sure to keep firecrackers, electrical cords and sockets also.

Never Hide When Fire Starts

It is important for fire safety in London to teach your children not to hide when a fire starts. Many times children will get scared when they see a fire and they will decide that the safest place is to hide under their beds or in a closet. They are not getting out of the house and away from the fire if they decide to hide and it can be really difficult to find them if they are hiding. Taking the time to look for them in a fire can take up precious time so it is a good idea to teach them to leave the house when they see a fire instead of hiding.

Have An Escape Plan/Defined Route

It is a good idea to talk to your family about a good escape route out of the house. Find at least two ways out of every room in the house in case the door or some other way is blocked by smoke, fire, or things that fall over. It is also smart to take some time and practice the different escape plans so that everyone knows what they need to do in case of a fire.

Define A Meeting Place Outside

It is important to include a meeting place outside in your fire safety in London plan. Pick a place that everyone can get to easily such as a big tree or the end of the driveway. This provides you with a way to be able to make sure everyone is out of the house. Make sure to discuss this meeting place with everyone in your family.

The Importance Of STOP, DROP, & ROLL

Teach your family how to use stop, drop, and roll in order to put out a fire that has started on their clothes. It is a reaction to just start running when this happens, but running will just make the fire burn faster. It is very important to practice all of these drills with your family, particularly children. They are never too young to learn fire safety.

Fire is a very dangerous, yet unfortunate disaster. In the event of an emergency, fire safety London is very important to discuss with your family, especially children. For more information on fire safety for your family, visit Millennium Fire Protection.