4 Things To Know Before Using Self Storage In La Plata, MD

Moving and Storage

At some point, most Americans will need to store their belongings in a storage unit. Whether moving or de-cluttering the home, a self storage unit is an affordable and easy way to store belongings. Since each facility offers different features and options, it can be hard to choose a space. When searching for a self storage unit in La Plata, MD, keep these things in mind:

1. Not All Are Created Equal – It’s important to remember that no two storage companies are the same. There are many differences between facilities including cleanliness, security, temperature control, availability and size. Do your research and keep these options in mind when choosing a storage facility.

2. Climate Control – Due to the extreme weather of La Plata, MD, you may want to consider a storage facility with climate control options. The constant change of temperatures and wet winters can really do damage to your belongings. To protect items from extreme temperatures and weather, consider using a Climate Controlled storage. These units have heating and air conditioning, to keep your belongings in a steady and controlled temperature. This makes it far less likely that they will be damaged.

3. Insurance – Storage facilities are typically not responsible for the belongings in their units. If you are going to utilize a self-storage facility, it’s a good idea to purchase storage insurance. Sometimes the company will offer insurance, other times you may have to purchase it separately. Even if the company has great security protocols in place, you may still want to purchase storage insurance. Also, check your homeowner’s policy, as it may cover storage insurance.

4. Read the “Move-In” Discount – Facilities will sometimes offer a low rate to get more renters, only to raise it a few months later. Before choosing a storage unit, ask the manager about their rates and how often they raise them. If they can guarantee you a good rate for as long as you need, scoop up the deal. However, if they cannot answer these questions, you’re likely better off looking elsewhere.

With a bit of knowledge and some negotiation skills, you can ensure you get a great deal on your storage space in La Plata, MD. No matter what you need the space for, a storage unit offers the flexibility that both families and businesses need. Remember, not all facilities are the same, so do some research and planning so you get just what you need.

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