What A Lawyer Can Do For You In A DUI Arrest


There is a reason a DUI is considered a felony. By driving impaired, you lose your ability to be a responsible vehicle operator. You put your life at risk as well as everyone that you share the road with. If you are pulled over on suspicion of DUI and arrested, then it is best that you lawyer up because you can expect serious legal consequences ahead. It is recommended that you get a DUI lawyer in Providence or have a relative contact one on your behalf.

So what constitutes a DUI? Most people know that a blood alcohol of 0.08 or over constitutes as driving while intoxicated. DUI laws differ from one state to another, so it is important to know how your state treats DUI cases. Some have a zero tolerance policy, and drivers under 21 years of age could be arrested for DUI even if their blood alcohol is below the legal limit. Also, in some states, the penalty is higher for drivers whose level is 0.15 or over. Those with multiple DUI offenses may also be required to have an ignition interlock device installed on their car.

It is important that you get in contact with a DUI lawyer in Providence right away if you have been arrested for DUI. An attorney can help you get bail. Once you are released, your lawyer will walk you through the legal process. This includes what you can expect in court and how to respond to the judge’s questions.

If this is your first offense, then your lawyer may be able to get your sentence reduced. This means avoiding jail time and getting off with a fine and community service. You may also be required to take a traffic safety course or enroll in an alcohol rehab program, the cost of which will come out of your pocket. To avoid such a dilemma altogether, it is best to use common sense and not get behind the wheel even if you only had one or two drinks and feel fine.

No DUI lawyer in Providence can guarantee you a positive outcome. However, you stand a much better chance of getting a favorable outcome if you have a legal representative by your side who will use his knowledge of the law to argue on your behalf. This reduces the chances of the judge throwing the book at you.

A DUI lawyer in Providence can increase your chances of having your case dismissed. A DUI lawyer in Providence can also brief you on what you can expect and how to respond when brought before a judge.

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