3 Things You Do that Harm Your Dating Game


You love dogs, have insane abs and still have a full head of hair. You don’t understand while you’re still single. Here are some ways you might be doing yourself more harm than good in the dating game:

You aren’t over your ex

That’s a huge turnoff. Do your best to move on from any unresolved issues you have in your past relationships. Don’t let it affect your future ones. Stop talking about your ex. And never badmouth your ex to a new date. You’re blowing your chances at a second meet up even as we speak.

You aren’t using a matchmaker

Dating sites are all well and good but they lack the personal touch that makes matchmaking a success. With services that really consider who you are, your strengths and weaknesses, personality traits and more, matchmaking services offer you a better way to find out where to meet women in Boston and spend some time with them. With more people seeking out the help of matchmakers these days, says USA Today, it’s the best way to ensure you go out on dates with women who are in it for the same reasons you are: a meaningful relationship.

You’re not interested

You want to find a match but you’re late to the meet ups. And when you do get there, you keep checking your phone, yawn a lot and look like you’re doing your best not to fall asleep. All those signs send one message: you aren’t interested. So before you ask for help from a matchmaking professional, be sure you’re ready to take this on. And do a self-check. Make sure you aren’t sending the wrong message. If traffic was brutal, you’ve got a deadline looming or simply aren’t feeling your best, apologize and request for another meet up. You’ll rack up dating points that way!