3 Reason Clients Choose Cremation Services in Tacoma


Every year, hundreds of Tacoma residents arrange simple, dignified cremations. Some pre-plan their own arrangements, but the majority of clients are families who feel cremation services in Tacoma offer important benefits. These clients reach out to professionals like Cremation Society of Washington to simplify arrangements and save money. Many eco-friendly customers also want to avoid using land for a burial plot.

There Is No Requirement for a Cemetery Plot

With today’s emphasis on conserving natural resources, it is becoming more common for clients to arrange cremation services in Tacoma so they can avoid buying a cemetery plot. Even those who could afford burial in any cemetery often dislike the idea of using land for that purpose. Most also want to avoid burying an embalmed body, casket, and vault that will degrade over time and allow pollutants to seep into area land and water.

It Is Easier to Plan a Funeral

Clients also find that cremation makes it much simpler to plan a meaningful celebration of life. That is especially true after a sudden death. A conventional funeral usually requires family members to make a series of difficult decisions very quickly, so they often settle for funerals that might not have reflected the life that was lost. Cremations allow family members time to gather and design any kind of memorials they want in any locations they choose.

Families Avoid Funeral Debt

Cost is far and away the greatest cremation benefit for most clients. While a traditional funeral can cost $10,000 or more, cremations begin at around $700. Although clients may be charged a few hundred dollars in mandatory fees or charges for over-sized containers, totals are quite affordable for most. Crematories provide simple cardboard containers for the cremations, but clients can provide their own as long as they meet required standards. The cremains are returned to families who are free to keep, scatter, or bury them.

Cremation has become a popular trend as more families realize it is affordable and convenient. Cremation is also more eco-friendly than burying a casket. In addition, cremation is dignified, respectful, and gives families time to design the memorials they want.