You don’t have to be a high-level executive or a person in a government position to want one of the Panic Rooms in NY designed for your home. You care about your family to the extent that you want them protected in the event an intruder enters the home. There is nothing on Earth that will ever take the place of family members who could be harmed by people who want everything you have. If you’re from Port Jefferson, Long Island, Nassau County and surrounding communities, there are security companies ready to install your panic room for you.

When your special room is designed, you can have a separate phone line and air supply, bullet proof walls, windows and doors. Even your electricity supply can be from a different source. This is a room that no one can enter and you and your loved ones will be safe and sound until the police come to the home. It can be designed from an existing room in the home or added on to the home, whichever you choose to create a space of security and peace of mind until help arrives. Panic Rooms in NY City are becoming increasingly popular as safe havens for family to hide and remain safe for long periods.

Many people need extra security locks and safes that can’t be broken into nor carried out of the home. Safes can be hidden inside floors, inside walls or other areas. If you get locked out of your home on a dark winter night, you need qualified and trusted technicians to come and get you inside as quickly as possible. It’s just as important to have a locksmith get you inside your car or home to keep you safe as it is to have new locks installed that keep people out.

Many homeowners are having access control installed in their home for added security as no one can enter unless they’re allowed inside by a member of the family.

Surveillance cameras that record who has been lurking near the home or who has entered the property unannounced and unwanted are captured on film. This type of security is also wonderful for those who own a business. You can see who wants to enter and then decide who can access your building and come near you and your employees.