If your knowledge of volleyball is limited to watching women’s beach volleyball on TV sports channels; you might think that the only gear required is a ball, a net and a skimpy bikini. However, the reality is not quite so simple. Volleyball is a serious, competitive game; it has been included in the Summer Olympics since 1964.

In And Out Of Doors

Not all volleyball is played on soft sandy beaches; probably more games are played indoors on gymnasium style wooden floors; therefore, your Volleyball Gear would include, at least, some suitable footwear for the indoor game. You could play anywhere wearing any clothing that you were comfortable in; but, because it is a team sport, you will probably have team uniform shorts and vest (maybe even team socks; headbands & wristbands, etc – women may also need undergarments suitable for playing in). Possibly, you may also want a team bag to put all this gear into?

Not Only The Players

Being a team game; volleyball will require coaches and referees who, in turn, will also require some Volleyball Gear – even if only a whistle (on a lanyard); coaches will probably be the ones responsible for nets, balls and court markings. There are even electronic net antennae to help referees decisions in the net area; as well as items like portable scoreboards. Coaches and referees also need to be identified; so their uniforms are likely to be different from those of the team players.

Protective Clothing

Unlike sports like football; volleyball should not be a contact sport; so heavy duty body armour will not be on the list of essential Volleyball Gear; which is not to say that protection is never required. Any activity that requires speedy spurts of movement with sudden direction changes can easily put too much strain on ankle and knee joints; so a wise player is likely to have knee and ankle supports amongst their Volleyball Gear.

Non-Essential Gear

Once you get into any team sport; the “sports gear” list can be easily escalated by the inclusion of team “novelties”; such as key rings; non-playing “social” attire; pins& brooches and, then, of course, there are always the trophies to be considered. The Volleyball gear list can become somewhat extensive.

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