Supplemental Security Income is a program devised by the federal government to help low-income individuals generate earnings. These benefits are awarded based on physical and mental impairments that prevent the individual from becoming gainfully employed in any industry. At any time that a claimant is denied benefits by the Social Security Administration, he or she has the legal right to file an appeal through a Disability Attorney in Oklahoma City OK.

Income Requirements

All disabled individuals who wish to file for SSI must meet income eligibility requirements. For individuals who are unmarried, they cannot possess assets that exceed $1,000 in any given calendar month. This value is $2,000 for married couples.

If the claim is for a child, his or her parent’s monthly income cannot exceed this value. According to the eligibility requirements, the income must fall under or just above the poverty level. After the approval of benefits, the SSA retains the right to adjust or suspend benefits based on an increase of income. If the benefits are suspended, the claimant or their trustee can file a claim or appeal through a Social Security Attorney in Oklahoma City, OK.

Qualifying Disabilities

The qualifying disabilities range from mental impairments to fatal illnesses. The conditions stated as the disability must severely affect the individual in such a manner that they are unable to maintain employment in any industry. This does not limit them to the industry in which they may have worked previously. At any time that the state proves that the disability will not prevent them from obtaining employment the claim is denied.
Fatal illnesses are often approved more quickly than any other conditions. Common life-threatening conditions are cancer, AIDS, and heart failure. However, it is necessary for medical evidence to prove that the condition is less likely to improve through treatment, and death is probable.

Mental illnesses are classified as disabilities based on their effects on the individual. For instance, any mental disorder that presents a greater probability of admission into a mental health facility is a qualifying disability which warrants the need for these benefits. Any claimant who is turned down and possesses a debilitating mental condition should call a Disability Attorney in Oklahoma City OK to file an appeal.

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