In Nevada, child custody hearings determine which parent receives primary custody of the child. The custodial parent receives child support payments based on the court’s assignment. The payments are enforced by the family court. Child Support Lawyers in Henderson NV could provide answers to frequently asked questions.

What is the Flat Percentage for Child Support Payments?

The state of Nevada offers a flat percentage of income model that designates child support payments. Parents with one child provide eighteen percent of their income. Parents with two children provide twenty-five percent of their income. When there are three children, the noncustodial parent pays twenty-nine percent of their income. For four children, the child support payments are thirty-one percent of the noncustodial parent’s income. The non-custodial parent provides an additional two percent for each child if they have more than four children.

Does the State Enforce Monthly Rates?

Yes, the monthly child support rates range between $500 and $750 per month. The absolute minimum per month for child support payments is $100 for each child. The court offers adjustments for additional care required for the child.

What are Reasons for Adjustments?

The court adjusts the child support payments to assist with the cost of health insurance. Adjustments are made for child care, special educational requirements, and any transportation expenses. The state adjusts payments when the non-custodial parent must pay back child support received through public assistance.

What Happens if a Child Becomes Handicapped?

After a child becomes handicapped, the state makes additional adjustments in child support payments. The custodial parent provides evidence of increasing medical and child care-related costs. Any in-home nursing expenses are also calculated when adjustments are made. Each parent is required to provide equal support for the child.

In Nevada, child support payments balance out the financial requirements for each parent. The noncustodial parent identified in the custody orders pays the monthly support payments. The court determines the value of the payments according to the total number of children and the parent’s income. Parents who need assistance from Child Support Lawyers in Henderson NV visit and schedule an appointment right now.