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HVAC Compressor Replacement Or Repair

Nothing lasts forever. Sometimes even the highest-quality HVAC system breaks down. A part wears out or even simply dies. This is certainly true for compressors. Under such circumstances, the choice may be between an HVAC compressor replacement and a repair. Look at the Situation Determining whether your HVAC compressor requires repairing or replacement involves looking at the situation closely. You need to examine and weigh the various factors involved. Both the management company and the installer need to consider such aspects as:  * Age – How old is the HVAC compressor and its system?  * Maintenance and Servicing – Does the company have a maintenance program in place that is enforced? Do they regularly arrange for servicing of the HVAC unit? If the answers to both questions is a resounding “No!” replacement and not repair may be the right route to take  * Repair History – How often has the HVAC system, including the compressor, been repaired? If the repairs are piling up, it is probably time to replace the existing system as it is not likely to improve with more repairs  * Efficiency – How efficient is the current system? Would replacing it with a newer one improve energy efficiency and, therefore be cost-effective?  * Cost – Sometimes, an HVAC compressor replacement is going to prove to be more costly to be affordable for the current budget; other times, repairing will simply be throwing good money after bad. Considering these and other relevant factors will help make the decision clearer. HVAC Compressor Replacement or Repair Repair versus replace, is an ongoing battle. HVAC providers to commercial concerns need to consider the existing situation from all sides before they make an informed decision. Deciding on one or the other will have a major impact on the customer. However, if honest consultation occurs, the decision in favor of either an HVAC compressor replacement or repair will produce a positive result for all involved...

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Compressor Basics: 5 Types You Need to Know About

The right information can help you make better decisions, including better buying decisions. Here are a few things that should come in handy when you shop around for a replacement for your Carrier compressor: Types of compressors There are 5 basic compressor types. There are pancake air compressors. Then you get wheelbarrow air compressors, hot dog air compressors, twin stack air compressors and lastly, inflators, which are the smallest type of compressors in the market. Pancake These come in round, flat designs and are typically mounted on top of the tank. It’s lightweight, which makes the best option when you’re looking for a portable unit. Given their size and shape, they’re easy to keep and store, says the Compressor Force. Wheelbarrow These air compressors come with dual cylindrical tanks that contain compressed air. You can go for a single tank unit as well. The handles and wheels make the unit easy to move around. It’s not as portable as the lightweight ones, though, but still a good option if you don’t mind it’s heft and weight. Hot dog This is a common sight in many homes and come with a single horizontal tank. If you’re looking for a replacement for your Carrier compressor, this one might just fit the bill. Twin stack This one’s your hotdog air compressor in many ways, except for one: it comes with two tanks instead of one. If that’s something you want in your compressor, then you might want to take a long, look at twin-stack units instead. Inflators Want the smallest air compressors out there? Then go for this one. One thing to remember, though: this doesn’t have a storage tank. So you’ll need to keep the motor running. Knowing the many types of compressors out there can help you identify and determine which ones fit your AC system and which ones you might need for other projects and purposes. For more information, consult a trusted...

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The York AC Compressor: Making It Big At Home And Globally

York or York, International, was once the largest independent manufacturer of air conditioning, refrigerating and heating equipment in the world. It was purchased by Johnson Controls in 2005 in an attempt to successfully merge two potentially mutually beneficial companies. York is still described as one of the largest suppliers of HVAC and HVAC-R systems and solutions. Their company consists of various production segments including one that focuses on the production of components for HVAC-R units, including the York AC compressor. Company Production Today, York continues to design produce and even sell different related products to serve its varied customer base. Among the segmented market it engages are the following: Commercial and industrial HVAC and HVAC-R mechanical equipment: Customer base consists of building owners, consulting engineers, developers, governmental agencies and mechanical contractors Residential and light commercial HVAC items: Main customers are HVAC products distributors, manufacturers of built homes and mechanical contractors Reciprocating and Scroll Compressors: Customers include OEM re-sellers, international representatives and wholesalers York also manufactures for industrial processing gas-compression equipment as well as its compressors for home and commercial use. Why Some Professionals Favor a York AC Compressor York compressors help their products run smoothly and efficiently. In the residential context, the Olympian Series of 2001, established the Twin-Single (TS) compressor as the latest in energy efficient technology. The company has since gone on to produce the advanced air compressor design that is found in the York Stellar Ultra with its two compressors an in the Affinity Series – a split-system in which the internally protected compressor is able to withstand the potential of serious problems caused by high pressure or high temperatures. This same stability and reliability is also present to a lesser degree in the single-stage compressor in the York XL. It is, however, a constant in the larger commercial projects utilizing York AC systems. They are praised for diverse qualities. They offer flexibility Their solutions are scalable to the size and structure of the building Clients can request customization The systems also offer the following qualities: High performance Efficiency Excellent indoor air quality Ambient noise levels Superior occupant comfort levels These results allow York to continue to increase its viability as a company. The York AC Compressor York AC systems are featured in many residences across North America. They also are a common installation in institutions, shopping malls, factories and office structures around the world. Compressors are found in the heating and cooling units in such well-known and even famous buildings as the Sydney Opera House and the British Houses of Parliament. At the very core of any AC or HVAC system they produce is the durable and dependable York AC...

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