3 Tips for Choosing the Best Court Reporters

Court Reporters are an essential part of any courtroom function. While the necessity is present, there is no reason to simply jump in and choose the first reporter you come across. Court Reporters come in all shapes and sizes and can vary greatly when it comes to strengths and weaknesses. Are They Good at What They Do? While this may seem a bit obvious, it is still important to check over. While they may have passed their certification, it is possible that they aren’t really as good at their job as they think. Look over their sample transcripts and decide if they have the level of quality that you are looking for. This can save you a lot of trouble both in and out of the courtroom. Are They Professional? A professional court reporter is a must for any firm. Make sure that any outside company you associate your firm with is one that will be respectful to not only you, but others as well. It’s not good to be seen as the associate of an ill-represented court reporting company. Check out their offices, their staff, as well as their customer service. There is no use in signing a reporter whom you will never be able to get a hold of. Are They Organized? Organization is an essential part of court reporting, and is not a tribute that comes easily to most. Ask to see some past work samples from the individual reporter, as well as some from the company overall. This will give you a good glimpse into the kind of work quality that the company expects from its reporters. If their work isn’t organized alphabetically or by date, you may want to ask if there is a system to it. If they don’t have one, consider if you are ready for the headache that this will inevitably cause. Court reporting is an essential part of any courtroom venue. Make sure that your and your firm have one that is ready to go when you need them, and produces work of a caliber that you are happy with. If you have any questions, or would like to start looking at court reporters today, contact your local firm, like Gore Brothers Reporting & Video Company,...

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Court Reporters: It Takes All Kinds

Court reporters in DC are not a uniform breed. In fact, court reporting adopts many different forms. All of this really depends on a person’s level of education, and what kind of court reporting he or she is qualified to conduct. If you are interested in the law, and have questions about how legal documents and transcripts come to fruition, it would behoove you brush up on your understanding of court reporting and the individuals who carry it out. The following outlines some very basic differences between the kinds of legal transcripts produced, and by whom. The General Duties of all Reporters All court reporting serves to produce legally-binding and exact documentation of court proceedings. This documentation is indispensable (and invaluable) as legal cases are often revisited. When this occurs, litigators and judges alike require a verbatim account of not just the original ruling but of all the proceedings leading up to that ruling. Court reporters in DC facilitate and create these documents and understand the exactitude and precision involved in their jobs. They will transcribe all of the proceedings in short hand or via a voice operating system that they will then rewrite and format according to the particular standards of the legal profession. Moreover, these professionals work for a wide variety of legal associations including: private law firms, non for profit organizations and courts as well as government agencies. Individual Differences As stated, not all court reporters are cut from the same cloth. This means that they are not all focused on performing the same tasks nor are they qualified to do so. For example, there is a real distinction between what we term stenographers and voice writers. While stenographers are leveled with the task of recording—in print—what attorneys, witnesses, and judges say—voice writers are required to speak these words into a machine. Training to become a stenograph is, therefore, quite rigorous. Prospective stenographs are required to write at a quick speed: up to 225 words a minute on what is called a stenographer machine. Most candidates are unable to achieve success with this task, and many drop out of court reporting school in the process. The weightiness of writing but quickly and accurately creates a lot of pressure to say the least. Voice writers are required to repeat—verbatim—court proceedings into a machine. The rate per word is roughly the same as that of a stenographer. However, a voice writer is required to multitask in different ways than their stenograph counterpart. Both types of court reporting are vital to legal process, and have their own advantages and drawbacks. If you would like to know more about court reporters in DC, please contact Gore Brothers. You can call...

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How Videographers in Maryland Can Help Your Business

Communication is critical when you own a business. All of the members of your organization need to be on the same page, and know what is happening around your company at all times. While e-mail has changed the way businesses communicate, more and more companies are choosing to integrate video technology into their company structure to help bridge any gaps between colleagues. If you want to make sure that you are keeping all of your employees informed, consider contacting Videographers in Maryland to help you. The following are just a few of the many services they offer that can help streamline the communications within your company, and propel you towards a more successful future.Video ConferencingIf you have staff members who work off site, it can be hard to gather them all together for meetings. Video conferencing can help by allowing individuals to attend meetings wherever they have high speed internet access. Make it easy for you to communicate with your staff at the same time by inquiring about advanced video conferencing technology that you can use when conducting a meeting. Training Materials Videographers in Maryland can help you create dynamic training videos that will help ensure your employees have the information they need to be successful. This can prevent you from having to facilitate the training yourself, and it ensures continuity, since all staff will see the same presentation. Set your employees up for success by using video recordings for all of your training events. Presentation Technology if you often deliver presentations and live trainings, it is important to have the technology in place to help your meetings run smoothly. Projectors, up-to-date computers and interactive tools can help keep attendees interested, and help you deliver your presentation in a way that will wow all who are present. Make sure you get your materials out in an effective way by putting the power of technology to work for you. Increase the communication within your organization by letting technology help you. If you think you can benefit from incorporating any of these items into your companies structure, contact Gore Brothers Reporting and Video Company Inc. They can perform an analysis of your company and help determine what products will best suit your needs. Give your company what it needs to remain successful by calling them for more...

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Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Video Deposition

The Videographers DC lawyers hire can make or break your case. You want to be certain your video depositions have the most impact and the best possible visual effects to help plead your case. Here are a few tips to help get the most out of your video depositions. Get Creative A video deposition doesn’t take Steven Spielberg to be effective. However a little bit of creativity goes a long way to telling a more effective story. Discuss what you are trying to achieve with the videographers DC hires so that they can provide input on the best way to proceed. An experienced videographer will have taped many depositions for many different cases and may have some valuable input to offer. It can be very effective to have someone come out to the scene of the accident as soon as possible. For example in the case of a slip and fall you can take pictures of the condition of the area or for a car accident capture signs of damage to the roadway or surrounding area to demonstrate the seriousness of the accident. Get out of the Boardroom Instead of just interviewing the deponent in the boardroom or office consider driving to the area in question and recording the deposition there. You can ask more pointed questions and have the person point out important details. For example, on a highway there might be a blindspot, or damage to the road that might have contributed to the accident. In the case of a slip and fall you can even have the person show exactly where and how they fell. This will help jurors visualize what occurred and make things more believable. Use Props This might seem odd, but consider having photos, paper work and objects involved in the case to show to the deponent. This can help make the video more interactive. Seeing the reaction of the deponent when they look at a photo or read a relevant piece of paper will speak volumes. It is also a good idea to use two cameras to capture the interaction between the lawyer and the witness. Using the best videographers DC has to offer will help you get the best angles and record the most convincing information. If you would like to hire the videographers DC lawyers use to help their case you can depend on Gore Brothers. Visit to schedule yours...

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Hiring Videograhers In Maryland For Court Testimony Services

Videographers in Maryland provide attorneys and prosecutors with necessary video production for witness testimony and depositions. They provide video feeds to record court proceedings and provide accurate records for these cases. These videos are beneficial to attorneys and their clients during the litigation process. They can assist attorneys in acquiring evidence utilized to prove fault and to establish any unethical business practices associated with the case in which they are currently representing. To learn more about videographers and their services contact Gore Brothers. Providing Evidence Via Video Within the legal field, some situations require that you acquire witness testimony through non-conventional means. In situations in which the witness’s life is in jeopardy by being placed within the same location, video testimony is necessary. In some cases, it is possible to present live streaming video or conferencing for witness stand testimony for these witnesses. This prevents life-threatening situations and allows the court to secure necessary testimony which could be the basis of the case. This is especially true for individuals who are placed within witness protection and are relocated to undisclosed locations. Local Video Production Gore Brothers Reporting and Videoconferencing present you with effective video conferencing services for your law practice at any time you need a legal videographer. This service can record all video communications in which your firm participates. They can provide you with live streaming video to assist you with providing information to prospective clients about your law services. You may also acquire rental equipment when you need it. To discuss video production and conferencing services, contact Gore Brothers Reporting and Videoconferencing or visit their website at Summary Videographers in Maryland provide you with live video, DVDs, and video transcription for your case. They can record witness testimony and deposition to protect these witnesses from dangerous perpetrators. This provides the court with an avenue in which they can acquire this testimony or deposition without placing a witness within life-threatening situations. They can utilize live streaming video or conferencing to assist in cross examination without leaving the witness unprotected in the court room. To learn more about these video options contact Gore Brothers Reporting and...

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Senior Living The Way It Was Meant To Be With Assisted Living in Powell, OH

Living the good life as a senior citizen can be easy when you move to a Retirement Community. Here seniors can live as independently as they can, while living amongst others in their own age group. Friendships can be made, and a quality of life can be maintained through health management and enjoyable activities. If you are searching for an Assisted Living in Powell, OH for yourself or a loved one, make sure to take a look at the web page for Here you’ll learn how truly special Abbington communities can be. Abbington Assisted Living in Powell, OH offers several styles of apartments, suites and rooms. Units include emergency call systems in both suite and bath for added safety and peace of mind. Private bathrooms and kitchenettes make each residence home like. Their one story facility offers a completely accessible building with no stairs or elevators to negotiate. Residents are treated to three gourmet meals daily in the dining room, as well as a full calendar of social and recreational options to choose from. All residents at the Abbington Assisted Living in Powell, OH can also take full advantage of the Health and Wellness Center with each community. Here residents can get help with their daily medications as needed from licensed nurses and staff on site. These services also let residents have weight and blood pressure monitoring, and pharmacy delivery services as per their requests. As is the assisted living way of life, residents can be helped with tasks of daily living when needed as well. Bathing, dressing or personal tasks that get harder with age and illness will be addressed, always preserving the dignity and pride of the resident. There are always staff members in the building 24/7 for the comfort of all involved. Abbington Retirement is also approved for Medicaid Waivers, so that those residents who are eligible for Medicaid may be able to continue to live in their communities as their financial reserves lessen over time. One’s senior years are no time to be alone. Visit one of the Abbington locations and learn how a renewed vigor is added to the lives of their many residents all day, every...

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